“KMT”  was established in 1972 by M. Murugaian & brothers for the product  of Air Compressor.

In  4th June 1990, kMT Group established the “KMT Transport” by M. Murugaian for Goods transportation Service. Mr M. Mani Raj is Current Managing Director. KMT Transport  is a fast growing parcel service company. They have started with a couple of vehicle, Operated between Coimbatore to Chennai  Transport . Strong dedication and hard work gave it the foundation and the jumpstart to become one among the top express parcel service companies in Tamil nadu.  the company  11 own vehicles and 10 rental vehicle are utilized to carry the goods to their respective destinations. The vehicles travel about 5,000 KM a day, and handle about 100 Tons in a day.

Right from the beginning, the company focused on being the trend setters; and after a careful analysis of the weaknesses of the market, it introduced overnight service for the first time ever in Tamil nadu by a parcel service company. And very soon, door delivery and door pick up for corporate customers was introduced, once again, for the first time in Tamil nadu by a parcel service company. And right from the 1st vehicle, we operated only with container bodied vehicles. This was mainly to ensure the safety of the goods.

The company has a strict policy to never delay any outstanding payments; so much so that the creditors can blindly collect their cheques on the due date without fixing any prior appointments. And we are PROUD of that!

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